Building Sustainable Organisations
Building Sustainable Organisations

Cajebi Consulting

We are a single door that opens to many solutions
We are a single door that opens to many solutions

Cajebi Consulting

Who We Are

Cajebi Consulting provides a multi-skilled collective of management, community and business consultants, and industry specialists. Cajebi Consulting builds solutions for today’s issues, but also addresses tomorrow’s needs and requirements.

Cajebi Consulting provides consulting services to not for profit organisations, small medium enterprises and government organisations across Australasia. It is our firm belief that we can assist you to focus your vision, plans and actions, for your organisation.

What We Do

Cajebi Consulting provides workable and rational solutions. We can assist in the areas listed.

  • corporate structures
  • governance practices
  • constitutional review
  • strategic direction
  • organisational structures
  • risk profiling and management
  • business tactics
  • human resource management
  • business modelling
  • business case preparation
  • organisational performance
  • people development
  • values-based outcomes
  • market planning
  • branding
  • communication practices
  • policy development
  • quality positioning

We push boundaries by offering alternative solutions and actions. We believe we achieve this through the way we provide our services.

What Makes Us Different

Cajebi Consulting has a unique name and a unique approach.

All consultants and service providers have significant skills in their chosen field. Cajebi Consulting recognises change is fast paced and impacts directly on how adaptable an organisation is to the altered requirements.

Organisations need alternative solutions to absorb these requirements. This reflects on the skills needed to provide the most appropriate solution. Cajebi Consulting makes a difference through the collective, by providing expertise that is capable of identifying alternative solutions for our clients.

Cajebi Consulting actively seeks additional consultants and service providers to enhance the skills and capabilities of the collective.

Our Purpose

We have a clear and strong purpose, To Build Sustainable Organisations.

Cajebi Consulting achieves its purpose through providing

  • services to specific sectors,
  • applying an approach that is different, and
  • providing a range of services that are central to the sustainability of organisations.

Where appropriate we will respectfully challenge your business approach but always with a firm focus of building a more sustainable organisation through the solutions we develop collaboratively with you.

Our Core Values

Cajebi Consulting has as our primary value TRUST, which underpins all other values. Trust drives our behaviour and every interaction we have with our stakeholders, whether they are clients, contractors, partners or collective members.

Trust come from consistency, integrity, transparency, confidentiality and always
achieving what we promised to do.


Listen and understand

Value the wisdom of all


What we do, we do well.

We strive to exceed client needs.


The courage to shape a better future.

We challenge the norm.


We do what we say

The sum of these values impacts on the purpose, strategies and business focus of
Cajebi Consulting.


Think differently.

Be creative and adaptable.


Leverage collective genius.

Together achieving a better outcome.


Be open and truthful.

Be tactful and factual.