A Focus on the NFP Sector…How Can We Help?

A Focus on the NFP Sector…How Can We Help?

by wayne April 02, 2019

Being able to identify our key clients and the sectors that they represent is often a point of comfort for potential clients when asking “Where do we go to seek assistance?” Cajebi Consulting and the Collective has engaged with many NFP organisations in South Australia with a growing portfolio of completed consultancies and projects across Australia.

Within the Collective there is a rich source of knowledge, experience, completed assignments, but most importantly empathy for the many NFP sectors and organisations through which we have had the pleasure of forming an association. Over the past 11 years Cajebi Consulting and several members of the Collective have provided significant reviews, strategic assessments and development activities for small through to large organisations within the Disability, Community, Indigenous, Aged Care, Children’s Services sectors.

Within the Disability Sector we have completed work associated with structural adjustments, reports to government that comment on service provider sustainability as they transition into the NDIS, quality assurance programs, merger activities, organisational growth plans and development processes, as well as practical hands on HR policies, practices and processes.

Within the Community, Indigenous, Aged Care and Children’s Services Sectors there are many issues in common to the disability sector, however, a strong focus has also been required in areas such as governance, strategy, financial management and controls, and risk management. Many organisations are constantly relating to the daily struggle of their clients who require various combinations of support and assistance in areas such as homelessness, domestic violence, drug and alcohol management, financial counselling and mental health to list a few. This complex of needs often means that the fabric of the organisation (the infrastructure), is stressed to meet specific client needs, to achieve value focused outcomes, and to enhance broader community expectations.

We recognise managing these competing pressures is demanding for many organisations. We can assist through developing practical options that with the support of all stakeholders can lead to ‘building sustainable organisations”.