Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES)

Our ASES Credentials

Cajebi Consulting holds a contract (as a panellist) with the Department of Human Services SA and provides ASES assessment services to eligible organisations.  Cajebi Consulting has three ASES Assessors; Wayne Turner (10+ years as an approved Assessor), Kay Willmore and Linda Symons (both recently qualified and approved as Assessors). To find out more about each Assessor, visit The Collective >

What is ASES?

ASES is focused on continuous improvement to achieve and recognise the highest standards of service provision and delivery.  There are approximately 100 requirements within ASES Certificate and 50 requirements in ASES Award that eligible organisations aspire to have fully in place, and as a result, be recognised for service excellence.

Benefits include, service improvement, practices and processes are enhanced, staff positively affected by the assessment experience, customer confidence is strengthened, and governance accountabilities enhanced.

ASES Assessments

ASES Certificate and ASES Award level assessments that have involved Cajebi Consulting team members include:

Assessments completed by Cajebi Consulting Assessors
(Some organisations have had multiple assessments, via a 3 year re-assessment process)

Organisations listed in broad categories


Arts/Disability services


Restless Dance Theatre

Tutti Arts


Children and Youth services

MYSA (Multicultural Youth SA)

NACYS (Northern Area Community and Youth Services)

St John’s Youth Services

West Coast Youth and Community Support


Community Centres

Community Centres SA

Eastwood CC

Milang and District – Old School House CC


Disability/Aged/Homecare services

Hills Community Options

Inclusive Directions

Life’s for Living


PQSA (ParaQuad South Australia)

STAR (Skill Teaching and Resources)

West Coast Community Services

Health/Education services

Arthritis SA

My Therapy House

North East Speech Pathology – preassessment assistance


Homelessness services

Common Ground Adelaide

Housing Choices SA

Industry Partnership NSW (Homelessness Sector) – review of evidence for selected service providers


Humanitarian services

STTARS (Survivors of Torture and Trauma Assistance and Rehabilitation Services)


Multiple community services


Lutheran Community Care

Uniting SA



SAFCA (South Australian Financial Counsellors Association)

Victim Support Service

Our approach to ASES assessments

  • An approach that is ‘values driven’
  • An interaction that is based on respectfulness, inclusivity, being personable and having empathy with the way your organisation works and the environment in which it functions

ASES Accreditation Costs

The fees provided for ASES Assessments are fixed and applied according to the size of the organisation and standards being assessed.


Size of OrganisationNo of StaffNo of SitesNo of Days ASES CertificateASES Certificate and ASES Award Extra costs
e.g. Accommodation and Travel
Small1-1012-3$7,000$9,250All travel time, transportation, accommodation, meals, car hire,
taxi use, will be charged at cost and will include the administration cost
($88/hour*), for organising any of the above expense items. *includes GST
Please note: The above fees have been approved by the Department of Human Services SA. All fees are GST inclusive, and include a 10% administrative fee payable to DHS. Where the administration fee does not apply as agreed to by DHS, the fee will be reduced by 10%.

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