Beating Our Drum

Beating Our Drum

by wayne April 02, 2019

Hi Everyone, welcome to the Cajebi Consulting site – featuring the Collective.

As this is the first post, it gives me an opportunity to ‘beat our drum’ about Cajebi Consulting and the ‘Collective’, and as a result hopefully stir your interest in what we provide. We are business and management consultants, and service providers. We are also strategic realists, that is we drive to what is possible. We also focus on outcomes being achieved and results being delivered, for the benefit of your organisation, your staff and most importantly – your clients.

We discovery the pathways that help your goals become reality. We will search for options, and where required, we will assist your planned actions become reality. We want you to be the best you can be, and to achieve the impact that you desire, within your sector.

Our focus is twofold CREATE then APPLY. These two words are embedded in our key mottos, “building sustainable organisations” and to be “a single door that opens to many solutions”.

We recognise we don’t have all the answers, but we can through the Collective or through our networks; provide skills and resource that can assist resolve your issues.

Future posts will fall into three categories

  • Opinion pieces
  • Technical exposures
  • Valuable links

All members of the collective will provide contributions as they wish. Our hope is that you find these posts interesting, educational, and hopefully motivational, leading you to take action for the benefit of your organisation and your stakeholders.