Consider an Active Strategic Plan

Consider an Active Strategic Plan

by wayne December 12, 2019

Is this you? The Strategic Plan – where did I put it? Is it in the archives on the computer, or maybe it is in print form on one of my shelves? I haven’t seen it for a while. I need to check it to see if it was achieved.

We got through the last few years without thinking about the strategic plan. We muddled through… we did change direction a few times… sometimes we got it wrong…and we did spend a lot of energy reacting to industry changes and organisational pressures.

Last time, the Board spent a day or two on the plan, then asked management if it looked right. It was a nice document, very futuristic, however we didn’t connect with it. Management and the organisation were given responsibility ‘to make it happen’.


Active Strategic Planning

Someone said recently that an ‘active strategic plan’ is needed. That is a balanced and clearly defined approach to achieve the notion of doing the right thing, pursuing leadership and being adaptable and innovative. Active strategic plans are not created in a day or two. Contribution from committed and connected stakeholders will help focus the organisation in the pursuit of an active strategic plan.



Such a strategic plan requires consideration of key drivers and understanding how they influence each other. These drivers include; external environmental factors, vision, mission, values, purpose, goals, resources, timelines, risks, results, outcomes and impacts. The process that is used to develop and ensure broad ownership of the strategic approach and active strategic plan is critical to doing the right thing, demonstrating leadership and a preparedness to embrace innovation?

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