Finding focus OR Shattering shackles!

Finding focus OR Shattering shackles!

by wayne December 12, 2019

We need more income but can’t see through the fog of the unclear future. We can’t increase our services as the resources are not available. We are being smothered by more and more bureaucratic process and assurance requirements. Each is drawing on our scarce cash reserves.

Funds are drying up, staff are restless, clients want our services, we need to cut costs, funders appear to be heartless.

We dare not move as every move seems to be a negative step forward. Is this close to your reality? Clarity is required. How do you achieve the desire and the endurance to sustain, thrive and lead as an organisation.



How do we see the forest from the trees? There is no simple fix. Arguably inspiration takes time and effort, and essentially it is really one step at a time. But a first step must be recognised and more importantly undertaken! There are several points that need to be considered, including clarity of a common goal, a focus on who we are, why we are here, how we do it, and what we do as an organisation. This is a key step and is often seen as difficult.

Focus will be found, or shackles will be shattered, by embracing a rational approach to discovering or rediscovering the organisation’s purpose; by understanding who we are, and why, how, and what we do. Change your reality now…

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