Meet The Collective

Cajebi Consulting is a collective of professionally qualified and experienced individuals who provide a blend of skills and backgrounds capable of addressing a wide range of issues confronting contemporary organisations in today’s and tomorrow’s business environment.

We continuously seek professionally qualified and experienced individuals to be part of the collective to broaden the skills and expertise available to clients.

The Collective is “a single door that opens to many solutions”.

Most importantly, we complement each other and have the capacity and capability of providing continuous service delivery.

Wayne Turner – Principal Consultant

Principal Consultant Strategy, Governance, Quality

Wayne has over 30 years’ consulting experience in finance, market analysis, management and corporate governance which are backed by graduate qualifications in Finance/Accounting and post-graduate qualifications in Business Administration.  He has been an approved assessor for the Australian Service Excellence Standards for over 10 years.

Wayne has undertaken significant work across Australia in the areas of governance, constitutions, strategic plans, business plans, policy development, risk analysis, financial assessments, diagnostic reviews, business development and improvement activities, to list a few areas of expertise.  With over 10 years consulting experience in the NFP sector, Wayne works predominantly with organisations in the Disability, Indigenous, Aged Care, Community, Children’s Services and Education service areas.

Lead Consultants

Kay Willmore
HR Practices and Processes

Kay is an experienced HR practitioner, having worked across private, public and not for profit industries in a variety of sectors with a focus on health. With post graduate finance qualifications, she is thorough and logical in her approach and brings together a strong industrial relations knowledge and best practice HR processes balanced with a focus on learning and development and developing high performing teams. Holding an SA investigator’s licence she is also able to undertake confidential investigations into workplace misconduct, bullying and harassment.

Linda Symons

Employment and Training

Linda has worked as a CEO in the not for profit sector for many years across operations, governance, budgeting and organisational management, including the establishment of several new incorporated associations and a charity; each providing services and programs to various cohorts. Linda’s areas of expertise in this capacity include positive workplace culture, grants and contract management, labour market program design, career development, disability workforce supply, vocational training working across all levels of government and the private sector.

Bill Syrmas

Website and Digital Media Design

Bill comes from a strong background in Information Technology. He has a Diploma in Digital Media Technologies and a Graduate Diploma in Computer Sciences.

He has his own business working as a freelancer in Web Design, Video Production and Email Marketing. He also works part time as a Web Designer for Grandparents For Grandchildren. His previous role was as a Software Engineer in Defense for 20 years.

Bill provides a blend of skills and experiences capable of addressing a wide range of issues confronting contemporary organisations in today’s and tomorrow’s business environment.

Kate Sansome

Marketing and Branding

Kate is a Marketing (Honours) Student at the University of Adelaide with experience in marketing, social media, communication strategy, photography and market research & data analysis. She has worked in various industries including e-commerce, nonprofit, startups and creative industries. Kate has a passion for creativity, social justice and sustainability and hopes to make a positive impact with her marketing career.

Ron Yates

Bookkeeping, Accounting and Financial Reporting

Ron has a proven ability to work with and contribute to executive management decision making regarding finance, accounting, business development, management  and financial reporting.  Ron has over 30 years of financial costing and accounting experience which has been attained through employment and consulting activities in commercial, family and not for profit organisations.

Ron’s strong interpersonal and communication skills assist clients and their organisations, gain a better understanding of accounting systems and reporting requirements, as well as the need for quality financial processes and controls.  Ron has extensive experience developing and interpreting financial information and reports for Boards and Committees. He is a current Board member for a small Not for Profit organisation and is a director of his own private company which has been established for over 17 years.

Nicola Skirrey

People and Organisational Alignment
Nicola runs a personal and professional development coaching business founded on her passion for assisting people achieve a positive and successful result – in business, career and life.
With 13+ years corporate experience working in various areas of business, Nicola now helps individuals and business teams become more committed, focused and action oriented in achieving their goals and targets, by providing a holistic approach to achieving long term results. Working on employee engagement and motivation, means people are more engaged and galvanise their actions towards the overall business vision and strategic plan.

Ian Hamilton

Heritage and Community Architecture

Ian is able to realise his designs and adaptions of heritage buildings, by means of business enterprise strategies that embrace innovative and creative solutions. Assuring sustainability of such solutions becomes critical to funding these historic restoration projects. Ian provides skills to develop facilities for community organisations, including church congregations, and in so doing seeks to enrich the quality of life of individuals and communities. With his broad international experience, Ian focuses on enabling South Australian communities to connect with their legacy of fine historic buildings.

Natalie Wade

Disability Rights Public Policy and Corporate Strategy

Natalie Wade is a leading thinker in disability rights public policy and corporate strategy. Natalie’s legal background and commercial skills give her approach to disability rights public policy a unique focus, guaranteed to provide robust and sustainable outcomes for businesses. Promoting human rights while also being an effective and leading business are at the core of Natalie’s work. Natalie’s disability rights advocacy and published academic research have contributed to improving the lives of people with disabilities in the justice system and other settings. Natalie has worked on major public policy initiatives, including the transition of disability services to the National Disability Insurance Scheme and the recent introduction of the Disability Inclusion Act. Natalie combines lived experience of disability with technical skills to bring your business to the forefront of disability services, access and inclusion.

James Houstone

Online Solutions for Standards Compliance, Quality and Continuous Improvement

James Houstone is a Director of Breaking New Ground (BNG), which is a leading provider of online solutions for Australian community services and health service providers, in the areas of standards compliance, accreditation, and continuous quality improvement work.
BNG has worked with a wide range of industry sector peak bodies and government departments in the mapping of standards as well as the design and development of quality assurance frameworks, accreditation systems and tailored online self-assessment tools.Standards & Performance Pathways (SPP), BNG’s online standards compliance platform, carries over 60 Australian national and state community and health service standards.
All of the standards are mapped to one another, providing organisations with an efficient means of completing multiple sets of standards through a single assessment process, thereby avoiding unnecessary duplication.