Sustainability and building your business

Sustainability and building your business

by wayne December 12, 2019

The success of a business is directly linked to the people who lead it or are the decision makers within the business.

The strength of that leadership or decision making is often a function of the ‘passion’ they hold for the business. Sustainability is part of this passion.

What does “sustainability” mean to you? Is this word part of your business thinking?

If it is, then it is highly likely you are regularly assessing your capacity to endure, to last, to be relevant, to exist tomorrow? You are building your business.

Sustainability is often described in different ways; such as:

  • Accumulating reserves
  • Achieving profitability expectations
  • Demonstrating leadership in your business sector
  • Effecting market development and client growth
  • Ensuring staff are engaged and focused
  • Keeping income in growth mode
  • Maintaining positive brand recognition
  • Providing strong communication with clients/customers
  • Realising outcomes and results (KPIs)
  • Showing creativity and innovation

Arguably, sustainability is affected by all the above… plus more…


Sustainability in your business

To be sustainable your business must firstly be stable, it must have clarity in direction, it must have control over business practices and processes, it must be accountable for how it goes about its activities, it must be consistent, and importantly – it must provide quality in its services and products.



Sustainability is not something that is achieved and forgotten. The environment is constantly changing, resulting in a range of actions and reactions that together may impact in complex and at times in chaotic ways. Sustainability is not the same for each organisation with the plans and decisions made in one organisation being quite different to those in another.

How do you check on your sustainability? Have you considered an organisational or business assessment where all the key drivers are analysed, and purposeful ways to strengthen sustainability identified?


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