Northern Area Community and Youth Services Inc

Northern Area Community and Youth Services Inc. (NACYS) has used the services of Wayne for the past 7 years. Wayne has taken our Board of Governance through the strategic planning process which set the focus for NACYS into the coming years.

Wayne has also been NACYS auditor for the Australian Services Excellence Standards for the last two audits. It is Wayne’s ability to install passion for governance and excellence in service provision that assisted NACYS in evolving into a leader in our sector.

Clare Dilliway, Chief Executive Officer

Paraplegic and Quadriplegic Association of South Australia

Wayne Turner has conducted audits for the Paraplegic and Quadriplegic Association of South Australia (PQSA) several times for the Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES) Certificate Level. In 2015, PQSA undertook both the Certificate and Award levels of ASES successfully. On each occasion Wayne has impressed us with his competence, experience, and extensive knowledge in QA.

Wayne has the ability to make those he is working with feel confident and relaxed. The audit process with him has always been a rewarding one for PQSA; one of positive reinforcement and guidance.

Heather Hales, Accommodation and Quality Manager

Seymour College

Cajebi Consulting was contracted to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the College’s organisational structure and systems for our Corporate Services and Administration departments, comprising services, risk and compliance and all business functions. The review recommended realistic actions for changes and adjustments to ensure optimal organisation and management to assist all non-educational functions to enable optimum efficiency and provide excellent service to internal and external clients.

The process used was comprehensive and appropriate, undertaken sympathetically with staff and within the confines of our Strategic Plan. The report was detailed and thorough and has guided us in our continuous improvement efforts.

The Cajebi staff were extremely co-operative and professional.

Kevin Tutt, Principal, Seymour College

The South Australian Financial Counsellors Association

The South Australian Financial Counsellors Association (SAFCA) has worked with Wayne Turner from Cajebi Consulting over the past four years. He has delivered governance training to our Board and was our assessor for Australian Service Excellence Standards certification in 2018. He is undertaking further work for us around our Board Performance Appraisal.

Wayne maintains extremely high levels of professionalism, sound advice and timely delivery of service, while his recommendations and information delivery is easy to understand and implement. Wayne is very good to work with, and I recommend Cajebi Consulting to any small association like ours that needs assistance with governance and policy matters.

Wendy Shirley, Executive Officer